As our third and final piece of the Justify your Hat Purchase series, we would like to bring you back to where it all started for Justify.  We were all introduced to Justify at the Kentucky Derby, also known as, "The Run for the Roses".

As a tribute to his start, we would like to bring you this fascinator.  It features ivory silk as part of the main piece.  It is adorned with three hand rolled red velvet roses and topped with ivory netting.  This hat can be worn by the Mother or the Bride, Bridesmaids, to cocktail parties, or a night out on the town.

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We are totally loving this Black Parasisal Straw Hat!  It is a nice and light summer hat that will help protect you from the damaging sun rays.  This hat can be worn casually everyday, or more formally.  It can be worn to the horse races, polo matches, to Church, or to the beach.  Don't forget to put it on when you're leaving for the Farmers Market or to meet the girls at the vineyard for wine.

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Today's blog will feature the second part of Justify Your Hat Purchase.  We will feature another hat that will compliment Triple Crown Winner, Justify.

This red leather feather fascinator is a perfect tribute to Justify.  Just like last week's hat, the red will match his jockey silks.  Since Justify knows how to fly (not literally), these feathers are a perfect match for him!

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We would like to congratulate Justify on his Triple Crown win.  Justify's jockey, Mike Smith, wore silks that are red with gold stars.  For Week 1 of our series, we will recommend a hat that compliments Justify.  Shown is a red Sinamay hat with gold feather attached to compliment it.  Get this hat and be prepared for your next big party.

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A hat box is a container used to store your hat for transportation and storage.  They can be made of a variety of materials: plastic, cardboard, metal, leather.  These containers may or may not be padded.  They may also have carrying straps.  The purpose of a hat box is to prevent the hat from getting dusty, or from getting damaged.

Of course, there are more purposes to hat boxes than just protecting a hat.  These can include: photos, letters, jewelry, and fabric storage.  Due to their large size, hat boxes are very accommodating.

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Sure, there are the obvious reasons for wearing a hat.  It's cold outside and you need a warm hat to keep you covered.  You're going to a ball game so you throw that cap on.  But, there are more reasons to wear hats!

1. A wide brimmed straw hat can help protect you from the sun.  Those UV rays can damage your skin, so donning a hat will help shade your skin.  These hats can be worn outside to do work, or to the beach.

2. A bad hair day!  A hat such as a cloche can hide those fly-aways.  Or, a wavy brim floppy hat will encourage others to compliment your hat, and distract them from your hair.

3. To make a statement.  An adorable pill box or stunning fascinator will be sure to make a statement at any event.

Why do you wear a hat?  Comment on our Facebook page @GeauxChapeaux. Better yet, post a photo!

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Caring for your hat is crucial.  Not only will the care keep it clean, but it will improve the lifespan of your hat.

To remove dirt, you can take a soft brush and very gently brush your hat in modest counter clockwise circles.  This will help to loosen and remove the dirt.  Do not use a medium or hard brush.  These can do damage to your hat.  If your hat is light in color, use a light colored brush.  If the hat is dark in color, use a dark colored brush.  This is in case some of the hairs from the brush get stuck to your hat.

To dust the hat, gently pat down with a mildly damp cloth.  Be careful that the cloth will not transfer any cotton or other materials to the hat that will be hard to remove.

For any stain, a spot and stain eraser designed for hats can be used.  Again, gently rub the eraser to the stain or spot.  Be sure to test in a inconspicuous spot first.  When finished with the eraser, you can brush away any remaining bits of eraser with the brush.

By gently and regularly caring for your hat, you are helping it to last longer.  Always feel free to ask your milliner about hat care prior to cleaning.

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A common material used to make hats is wool felt.  Felt is used to make hats such as derby bowlers, cloches, and fedoras.  Unlike most fabrics, felt is not woven.  Instead, it is made by compressing fibers and applying pressure, heat and moisture.  A blend is also created with wool and synthetics fibers, which makes the material more durable.  Wool felt can be dyed to provide color, and works well as a liner or padding.

Not only is wool felt used for hats, it has many other purposes as well.  This includes boot linings, helmet padding, framing paintings, storytelling boards for children, puppets, and in pianos.  

Wool felt has many beneficial properties.  Due to the fact that it is not woven, the material will not fray or ravel if it is cut or torn.  It is flame retardant, as well as chemical resistant.  Wool felt is a great thermal insulator, as well as a sound insulator.

Fact: Historically, many milliners developed erethism, more commonly known as "Mad-Hatter Disease".  This is a long-term exposure to mercury (which was used in the 1800's to make hats), causing mercury poisoning.  This caused the exposed milliners to experience psychosis and other traumatic symptoms and illnesses.

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As fascinators become more popular with the younger generations, more people are wondering, "How do they stay on?"  These hats are becoming more dramatic, getting taller and out of balance, leaving non-wearers wondering how they stay put.

A headband is a common way to attach a fascinator to one's head.  The milliner might choose to make it part of the design, or to use a narrow headband that is difficult to see.

An elastic is another way to attach a fascinator.  The most acceptable way to wear an elastic is for it to match your hair.  This gives the appearance that there is nothing keeping the fascinator on to others.

A comb is a traditional manner to keep this headpiece on.  A wide comb at the front is used as an anchor, while smaller combs or pins may be added for extra support.

There is no right or wrong way to attach a fascinator to your head.  It is a matter of preference and comfort.  When ordering your hat, be sure to mention your preference to your milliner.

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You have the perfect outfit.  Just the right sundress to wear with your wide-brimmed hat to that function on Sunday.  The new fascinator to wear out with the girls on Saturday.  It's important for your attire to match, but do you have the right hairstyle to match your hat?

Cloche:  Wear your hair with relaxed curls for a soft feel.  You can also tuck your hair under to give it a Flapper appearance.

Fascinator:  A bun can be worn with a fascinator.  This is an easy style for most women to accomplish.  However, you can put a twist to your bun.  It can be tight, loose with curls, or you can add braids to it.  Hair can also be worn loose.  Loose hair is just as beautiful as an updo.

Pill Box:  A french twist is an elegant way to wear this hat.  Wearing your hair down with waves would give an old Hollywood feel to your outfit.  Tight buns also give a classic appearance.

At the end, it really doesn't matter what style you should wear with your hat.  Hats are accessories to be worn to adorn your outfit.  These items are meant to complement your personality and style.

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