Without you realizing it, the color clothing or material that you pick up can reflect upon your personality and how the rest of the day goes.  Today, we're going to discuss 4 colors, so you can go to work tomorrow, prepared for a successful outcome.

Green:  Green is a natural color that stands for nature and life.  However, it is the same color as money.  If you intend on being creative or gaining trust, green is the color for you.  If you're feeling casual and want the creativity to flow, then try a green ball hat.

Black:  Black seems to be an easy, go-to color.  It goes with almost anything, really.  This color is associated with elegance and formality.  If you want to don a classic look, then wear a black fedora.

Red:  If you're looking to gain attention, then wear red.  Red makes people seem sexy and attractive.  So, if you're heading out with the girls and want to be noticed, try wearing a red fascinator.

Pink:  This is a very powerful color.  As opposed to red which is a sexy color, pink is peaceful and relaxing.  If you're feeling frustrated and upset, try wearing pink.  Planning on going into a tough meeting?  Perhaps this color will tone down some of the aggression.  For a time-honored feel, wear a light pink pill box, like Jackie Kennedy.

Be sure to check back in the next week for us to wrap up with colors like blue, gray, purple, and orange.  You will be able to find meaning in these colors, and how to coordinate them into your wardrobe as well.

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We had a customer contact us, and was asking us about some of the summer's hottest trends.  Our response to her?  Straw!!

Straw hats are really hot right now.  They are very comfortable to wear.  In addition, they're light weight, and easy to carry around.  There's nothing like a big, floppy straw hat to wear around running errands or to the beach to help protect you from the sun.  If you don't like the floppy hat, then there are plenty of other styles.  These would include fedoras, sinamays, fascinators, and pill boxes.

In the end, be creative and have fun when choosing your hat!

You can find the hat shown at

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July 14th is Bastille Day.  In a nut shell, Bastille Day is like the 4th of July for our allies.  What other hat would remind you of the French than a beret?  

Featured in our Etsy store, is this stunning white wool Beret.  (Yes, it's a little warm for a beret, but Bastille Day is the perfect excuse to buy one!)  This beret is hand blocked in a sculptured shape on a vintage wooden block.  This glamorous beret can be worn to Church, winter races, or to keep you warm once fall hits!

You can find this hat at

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Since we're full swing into wedding season, let's dedicate this post to Brides!

The Helena is a silver metal headband encrusted with rhinestones on two large rose flowers.  This is an extremely impressive piece!

For Brides looking for an alternative to a veil, this can be worn alone.  It can also be worn with a veil to add a little extra bling.  Either way, it will bring on the "WOW" factor.

To find this headpiece, go to

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What better way to pay hommage to the Fourth of July?  This soft, custom straw Fedora Hat is a great way.  It features soft and pliable straw, a Petersham Grosgrain ribbon, and a red feather for trim.  This stylish Fedora is very comfortable to wear!

Celebrate the Fourth of July by making a new hat purchase!

Find this hat at

Or, check out our Etsy store at

Happy Fourth of July!

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Who wouldn't love this wide brimmed straw hat?  It's asymmetrical, while the brim is wavy.  It is made of tan sinamay straw and is handblocked on a vintage wooden form.  The trim is of ivory sinamay, as is the band that surrounds the crown.  The finishing embellishment is a hand made sanity floral with a vintage bakelite and rhinestone button.  

This hat can be custom made in a variety of colors and trims to suit your needs.

To learn more about this hat, check it out at

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As our third and final piece of the Justify your Hat Purchase series, we would like to bring you back to where it all started for Justify.  We were all introduced to Justify at the Kentucky Derby, also known as, "The Run for the Roses".

As a tribute to his start, we would like to bring you this fascinator.  It features ivory silk as part of the main piece.  It is adorned with three hand rolled red velvet roses and topped with ivory netting.  This hat can be worn by the Mother or the Bride, Bridesmaids, to cocktail parties, or a night out on the town.

Be sure to find this hat at

Or check out our shop on Etsy,

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We are totally loving this Black Parasisal Straw Hat!  It is a nice and light summer hat that will help protect you from the damaging sun rays.  This hat can be worn casually everyday, or more formally.  It can be worn to the horse races, polo matches, to Church, or to the beach.  Don't forget to put it on when you're leaving for the Farmers Market or to meet the girls at the vineyard for wine.

To own this beautiful hat, you'll find it at

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Today's blog will feature the second part of Justify Your Hat Purchase.  We will feature another hat that will compliment Triple Crown Winner, Justify.

This red leather feather fascinator is a perfect tribute to Justify.  Just like last week's hat, the red will match his jockey silks.  Since Justify knows how to fly (not literally), these feathers are a perfect match for him!

Check this incredible hat out at

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We would like to congratulate Justify on his Triple Crown win.  Justify's jockey, Mike Smith, wore silks that are red with gold stars.  For Week 1 of our series, we will recommend a hat that compliments Justify.  Shown is a red Sinamay hat with gold feather attached to compliment it.  Get this hat and be prepared for your next big party.

To learn more about this hat, please go to

Feel free to browse our Etsy store:

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