Geaux Chapeaux is featured in the Solidarity in Style exhibit.

Rosa Parks was my immediate choice for the suffragist event because of her strong will, determination and courage for civil rights and equality. This hat is adorned with a small garden of pansies that symbolize remembrance, thought, and love and admiration for one person to another, which seemed appropriate. Creating this vintage styled hat was a bridge for me to connect my segregation experiences as a young girl, raised in south east Louisiana in the 1960s… who refused to sit at the back of the bus, too!



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It's simply divine!

Wrapped in wine-colored velvet, topped with flowers, feathers, and curly ribbons, this fascinator is an elegant accessory for every outfit and occasion. 

Using mixed textures and complimenting colors, this fascinator exudes luxury and refinement, certain to make its wearer the center of attention. 

If your outfit ever feels plain, use this piece to bring life back into your look! Enjoy! 

To get a closer look and see buying details, visit:

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Hand blocked, quality soft straw Fedora!
This is a stylish fedora and very comfortable to wear.
We can explore the choices of hat bands together.

Selling quickly - Only 6 Available! visit

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Visit to find yourself a fedora, a fascinator or fun head band for your special occasion

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The Milliners Guild will have 60 hats on sale at the Von Maur store in Louisville, Kentucky in time for this coming year's Kentucky Derby. Visit this store to see hats from Geaux Chapeaux and over 30 other vendors. For more information, visit the Von Maur Store at Oxmoor Center ~ 7900 Shelbyville Road ~ Louisville, KY 40222

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Come to 209 West 38th Street to see our show window featuring hats from the New York Milliners Guild


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The Milliners Guild is proud to announce that we are, again, part of another show of our hats at the Mezzanine Gallery @themetstore, of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
Our installation was created in the themes of two exhibitions at the @metmuse
um, “Instruments of Rock and Roll” and “Camp: Notes on Fashion”.
My inspiration came from “Carmen Miranda”, known for her colorful headpieces adorned with fruits and flowers. Very Campy!
The outstanding couture creations by the Milliners Guild will be on display and available for purchase for the next few months. @geauxchapeauxmillinery #metmuseumnyc#nymetropolitanmuseumofart #junegumbel#junegumbelhats #millineryguildnyc #millineryguild#custommadehats #carmenmiranda #carmenmirandahat#carmenmirandaheaddress handmadehats #kmaakatonahmuseumofart @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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The Milliners Guild Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is extended until mid-March 2019. The exhibit is located at the Mezzanine Art Gallery, which is above the main part of the gift shop. 

Hats that are in this exhibit are for sale.

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Photo: Petershams Millinery Supplies

For the last and final week of the embellishment blog series, we will discuss millinery feathers.  Feathers are extremely popular, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

While we may not reach all of the types of feathers, we will mention a few.  There are arrowheads at the end of the quill (shown above).  A feather mounting made of the goose's biot and hackle feathers is quite nice too.  It looks like a small poof of feathers.  One of our favorites is the long coque feather.  This is a floaty feather that can be used to make different designs.

Just like the flowers, feathers are dyed to create a large variety of color.  They can range from ivory, turquoise, hot pink, mint, coral and many more colors.

Again, the purpose of the embellishment is to have fun!  Love your choices and let them reflect your style and personality. 

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This fascinator is absolutely gorgeous and designed with the Bride in mind.  It has a sinamay base, with a satin cover.  A beautiful lace piece is draped over it and onto the crinoline.  The metallic gold thread really helps this fascinator stand out from others.  Small pearls are also sewn in.  If you're looking to be traditional, but yet want something special, this is for you.  Wear the veil for the ceremony, and put this on for your reception.  

Check this amazing Bridal fascinator out at our Etsy store.

Looking for custom?  Email us at

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