This fascinator is absolutely gorgeous and designed with the Bride in mind.  It has a sinamay base, with a satin cover.  A beautiful lace piece is draped over it and onto the crinoline.  The metallic gold thread really helps this fascinator stand out from others.  Small pearls are also sewn in.  If you're looking to be traditional, but yet want something special, this is for you.  Wear the veil for the ceremony, and put this on for your reception.  

Check this amazing Bridal fascinator out at our Etsy store.

Looking for custom?  Email us at

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Today is the second part of three in the embellishment series.  Embellishments are put on hats to give them style and character.  There is no standard on embellishments; have fun and mix it up when ordering your hat.  It's supposed to be an expression and an extension of who you are!  This week's embellishment that we will talk about are millinery flowers.


Photo credit to Petershams Millinery Supplies

Millinery flowers come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and materials.  Colors can include white, ivory, light grey, brown, yellow, peach, red, raspberry, pink, blush, plum, lime, aqua, light blue, royal blue, navy, and black.  Flowers can come in roses, goose feather flowers, leaves, hibiscus, berry clusters, ranunculus, orchids, peonies, and a variety of other beautiful flowers.  These flowers can be made from paper, silk, organza, velvet, feathers, and beads.  Millinery flowers can compliment your hat, matching it in the best of ways.  You could try using one big flower, or a bunch of small ones.

In the end, the choice is yours.  Just have fun creating your custom hat.

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With this August looking quite dismal and Fall approaching, let's take a look at this chic hat.  It is constructed of long black and brown haired animal print.  This gives the hat lots of texture and character.  There is a black suede band with a gold-stone buckle trim to give it a western feel.  Pair it with jeans and a leather jacket and your'e good to go!

It's time to start thinking about your fall apparel, so why not this hat?  Soon, the leaves will be falling, just like the temperatures.  Don't you want something to help keep you warm?  This hat will be sure to help.  Not to mention, it's fun and will be sure to catch someone's eye!  It will be great to go out dancing in, picking pumpkins, to festivals or farmer's markets.  Enjoy!

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Embellishments are used on hats to give them style and character.  There is such a wide variety, how will you pick what you want?  When ordering a custom hat, you can frequently choose what suits the hat and your personality.  Each week for the next three weeks, we will feature a different embellishment.

This week's embellishment is Grosgrain Ribbon.  Seamstresses started using grosgrain ribbon to make clothing in the seventeenth century.  This ribbon has a ribbed appearance and feel to it.  It has a mildly glossy look.  Grosgrain ribbon can be used in your everyday wear, or for more formal attire.

This beautiful ribbon can be used to trim a hat.  In addition, it can be made into beautiful decorations such as flowers or bows for adornment.  Grosgrain ribbon comes in many different colors so you can customize your hats or apparel.

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Photo Courtesy of Robert Braathe

We wanted to give you an inside look of our shop.  We have stunning hats on display- just waiting to be placed on your head and worn out of our shop.  An entire shelf of thread is organized and ready to be sewn with.  Look at all of the adornments!  A wide variety of embellishments helps ensure that each hat is truly special.  With this wide variety of materials, thread and embellishments, can you imagine the hat we can dream up and create specially for you?

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This hat is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.  It is constructed of grey long hair fur felt, with a black quill spine through the tied knot in the back.  All of these lovely attributes in an old world english style pill box.  This hat is fastened on with a millinery elastic.  It can be worn to church, weddings, horse races, polo matches, cocktail parties, or where your heart desires.  The great part about this hat is that one size fits all.

Check it out at:


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There are many reasons that Brides may choose a headband over a veil or tiara.  Some Brides are opting to have a less-formal occasion or wedding dress, and feel that the headband is more suitable.  Sometimes, it's just a matter of personal preference.  Some Brides would simply prefer a headband to other head pieces.  What many people don't realize is that a bridal headpiece can be worn after the wedding.  It's not just for your wedding day, but can be worn out afterwards.  There are many different styles of headbands one can choose.  A crystal-adorned piece is quite popular, and is a great way to accent a ball gown.  Some headbands are constructed of ribbon and pearls.

If you're looking for a bridal headpiece that is truly special, check this headpiece out at:

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Who wouldn't want to have this adorable mini top hat?  It's a show-stopping piece meant for the classy woman.  The hat itself is made of navy wool felt and adorned with a beautiful magenta moire ribbon and pink jewels.  There is some subtle rabbit hair shading in the navy wool that adds a bit of texture.  This hat is held on the head by an elastic millinery band.  This little top hat really is versatile.  It can be worn to the races, polo matches, parties, weddings or church.  The choice is yours, but you know you want this hat!

You can find it at:

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For our second part of choosing colors, we will delve into blue, orange, purple, and gray.  These colors have a large impact on your mood, mostly positive with one exception.

Blue: Blue offers peace and tranquility.  If you're looking to be creative, blue will help you.  If you're planning on brainstorming some new ideas, wearing blue will support calm feelings.  May we suggest a blue beret?

Orange:  If you wants others to feel warm and cared for, orange is the color!  It induces positive feelings, however, bright orange can turn some away from you.  A warm orange, such as a creamsicle color is accepted by more people.  Our recommendation is a soft orange ruffled brim hat.  It would make a great accessory for a festive occasion.

Purple:  Purple is the color of royalty.  It would also give others the feeling of true leadership.  If you're looking to gain a new contract during a meeting, we recommend staying away from this color because others may find it intimidating.  Purple is a fun color, so we recommend this purple leather fascinator.  It's a great find for Mardi Gras!

Gray:  This is a popular, neutral color.  If you want to look classy, gray is a good choice.  However, it can be a depressing color, which will negatively affect your mood.  A simple, gray fedora can provide a classy and timeless look.

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In many of the descriptions of our hats, we sometimes note that a wooden block was used to make a hat.  You may wonder what a hat block is.  Today, we will give you a better idea of what it is.

A hat block is a wooden block used to form a hat.  Hat blocks are used by milliners to provide different shapes to hats.  There are also aluminum or poly blocks available.  These blocks cannot be reshaped, while the wooden blocks can be carved into a new shape.  Milliners commonly wrap the block in aluminum foil or plastic wrap to provide longevity to the block.

In the above photo, notice that June is using a wooden block to shape the hat she is working on.

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