Measuring Your Head

  1. Please use inches as a standard of measurements.
  2. Use a soft fabric or plastic tape measure.
  3. Hold the tape securely at your temple area and wrap the tape comfortably around your head about an inch above your eyebrow, just above your ears around to the base of your skull to the occipital bone (which is the little bump at the base of the skull) and back to the beginning of the tape.
  4. Don’t pull too tightly.
  5. Imagine how you would like your hat to fit.

General Size Chart


Small: 21” to 21 7/8”

Meduim: 22” to 22 ½”

Large: 22 5/8” to 23 3/8”

Extra Large: 23 ½ to 24 ½”

Ladies: if you are a fan of wigs or like to sometimes wear your hair curly, keep this in mind when measuring and ordering. The size will be larger.