Come to The Met Mezzanine in NYC to See June's Hats

Apr 12, 2019 0

The Milliners Guild is proud to announce that we are, again, part of another show of our hats at the Mezzanine Gallery @themetstore, of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
Our installation was created in the themes of two exhibitions at the @metmuse
um, “Instruments of Rock and Roll” and “Camp: Notes on Fashion”.
My inspiration came from “Carmen Miranda”, known for her colorful headpieces adorned with fruits and flowers. Very Campy!
The outstanding couture creations by the Milliners Guild will be on display and available for purchase for the next few months. @geauxchapeauxmillinery #metmuseumnyc#nymetropolitanmuseumofart #junegumbel#junegumbelhats #millineryguildnyc #millineryguild#custommadehats #carmenmiranda #carmenmirandahat#carmenmirandaheaddress handmadehats #kmaakatonahmuseumofart @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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