Embellishments: Part One

Embellishments: Part One

Embellishments are used on hats to give them style and character.  There is such a wide variety, how will you pick what you want?  When ordering a custom hat, you can frequently choose what suits the hat and your personality.  Each week for the next three weeks, we will feature a different embellishment.

This week's embellishment is Grosgrain Ribbon.  Seamstresses started using grosgrain ribbon to make clothing in the seventeenth century.  This ribbon has a ribbed appearance and feel to it.  It has a mildly glossy look.  Grosgrain ribbon can be used in your everyday wear, or for more formal attire.

This beautiful ribbon can be used to trim a hat.  In addition, it can be made into beautiful decorations such as flowers or bows for adornment.  Grosgrain ribbon comes in many different colors so you can customize your hats or apparel.

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