Care for Your Hats

Hats do not like rain … unless they are rain hats!


Felt hats are more forgiving than straw hats when it comes to getting wet. They will tolerate a drizzle, but not a full on drenching. There is hope! If your hat gets wet, try to place it in it’s original shape and form to dry. You might even want to wad up some plastic bags or bubble wrap to support the inside or help to tilt the brim back to shape.

Pro Tip: Try using the steam from a kettle to ease it back to the original shape...a pinch here and there can make a big difference. Careful, keep fingers and hands away from the steam!

Stains: Try to brush it out with a bristle brush. You can always call for helpful tips.


Rain, Run! Straw hats have starch or a stiffening agent in them to hold the shape. If it gets damp, try to air dry it in it’s original shape. As with the felt hats, a little steam will help to coax it back into shape. Again, be very careful with your hands and fingers. The steam softens the straw and makes it flexible to get desired shapes. Let it sit for a day or two. Still have a problem, give a call, I will try to help.