About June Gumbel

GEAUX CHAPEAUX is a Westchester County, NY design studio that offers handmade hats, headpieces and bridal millinery designed and created by artist and milliner, June Gumbel. Geaux Chapeaux's designs evoke the romance and intrigue of vintage styles transformed for modern tastes. 


The name of the company is taken from June's Louisiana Creole/Cajun roots...'geaux' is pronounced 'go,' hence, Geaux Chapeaux. June's mission is to help style-conscious women express their individuality through hats that make a statement. Inspired by the hats she loves to wear and collect, June turns felts, straws, fabrics, feathers, ribbons, tulle, crinoline and a massive assortment of vintage trims into one-of-a-kind creations. Her library of several hundred hat blocks and French flower-making irons inspire her with a steady supply of fresh ideas.

Having grown up in Baton Rouge, June draws on the long Southern tradition of wearing hats and the importance and fun of finding just the right one. She learned at an early age how to create from her Aunt Eura, a seamstress, who taught her the skills to sew by hand. June was thrilled when at age 10 her parents gifted her with her own sewing machine, which she still treasures.

In 2011 after a visit to an upscale New York City bridal salon with her daughter, June was disappointed by the dearth of truly original headwear and decided to design her own. Whether the style is classic or contemporary, formal or casual, every piece shows June's meticulous attention to detail. Every hat June designs is an expression of her passion and her desire to make the wearer feel happy, beautiful and confident for any special occasion or just for everyday. She often says, "When you see a woman wearing a hat ... you can usually tell what's in her heart."

June is an accomplished Fine Artist. Her paintings can be viewed at www.JuneGumbel.com. She has earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University in painting and drawing. She expresses herself through oil, pastels, printmaking, drawing, pottery, stained glass and clothing designs. She is a member of The Pastel Society, The Portrait Society, the Salmagundi Club, Artist Fellowship and a board member for The Katonah Museum Artist Association in Katonah, NY. June's work has been shown in New York, California, Connecticut, Louisiana and Great Britain.