Why wear a hat?

Why wear a hat?

Sure, there are the obvious reasons for wearing a hat.  It's cold outside and you need a warm hat to keep you covered.  You're going to a ball game so you throw that cap on.  But, there are more reasons to wear hats!

1. A wide brimmed straw hat can help protect you from the sun.  Those UV rays can damage your skin, so donning a hat will help shade your skin.  These hats can be worn outside to do work, or to the beach.

2. A bad hair day!  A hat such as a cloche can hide those fly-aways.  Or, a wavy brim floppy hat will encourage others to compliment your hat, and distract them from your hair.

3. To make a statement.  An adorable pill box or stunning fascinator will be sure to make a statement at any event.

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