What is a Fascinator vs. a Pill Box

What is a Fascinator vs. a Pill Box

In today's blog post, we will explain the difference between a Fascinator and a Pill Box.  Both hats are worn by women.  However, these two styles are very different.

A Fascinator is an ornamental headpiece that is typically worn on the right side of the head.  It is attached by a hair clip, small comb, or headband.  Fascinators are worn to weddings, church, and cocktail parties.  They are popular at horse races such as the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, or steeplechases such as the Maryland Hunt Cup.  Brides commonly wear fascinators instead of veils on their big day.  These headpieces are usually decorated with flowers, feathers, and beads.

A Pill Box is a small hat adorned by women.  This hat has no brim, and features a flat top and upright sides.  The pill box became popular with First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.  These hats are constructed out of a variety of materials, including velvet, wool and an assortment of animal furs.

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