The Effect of Colors Part II

The Effect of Colors Part II

For our second part of choosing colors, we will delve into blue, orange, purple, and gray.  These colors have a large impact on your mood, mostly positive with one exception.

Blue: Blue offers peace and tranquility.  If you're looking to be creative, blue will help you.  If you're planning on brainstorming some new ideas, wearing blue will support calm feelings.  May we suggest a blue beret?

Orange:  If you wants others to feel warm and cared for, orange is the color!  It induces positive feelings, however, bright orange can turn some away from you.  A warm orange, such as a creamsicle color is accepted by more people.  Our recommendation is a soft orange ruffled brim hat.  It would make a great accessory for a festive occasion.

Purple:  Purple is the color of royalty.  It would also give others the feeling of true leadership.  If you're looking to gain a new contract during a meeting, we recommend staying away from this color because others may find it intimidating.  Purple is a fun color, so we recommend this purple leather fascinator.  It's a great find for Mardi Gras!

Gray:  This is a popular, neutral color.  If you want to look classy, gray is a good choice.  However, it can be a depressing color, which will negatively affect your mood.  A simple, gray fedora can provide a classy and timeless look.

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