The Effect of Colors

The Effect of Colors

Without you realizing it, the color clothing or material that you pick up can reflect upon your personality and how the rest of the day goes.  Today, we're going to discuss 4 colors, so you can go to work tomorrow, prepared for a successful outcome.

Green:  Green is a natural color that stands for nature and life.  However, it is the same color as money.  If you intend on being creative or gaining trust, green is the color for you.  If you're feeling casual and want the creativity to flow, then try a green ball hat.

Black:  Black seems to be an easy, go-to color.  It goes with almost anything, really.  This color is associated with elegance and formality.  If you want to don a classic look, then wear a black fedora.

Red:  If you're looking to gain attention, then wear red.  Red makes people seem sexy and attractive.  So, if you're heading out with the girls and want to be noticed, try wearing a red fascinator.

Pink:  This is a very powerful color.  As opposed to red which is a sexy color, pink is peaceful and relaxing.  If you're feeling frustrated and upset, try wearing pink.  Planning on going into a tough meeting?  Perhaps this color will tone down some of the aggression.  For a time-honored feel, wear a light pink pill box, like Jackie Kennedy.

Be sure to check back in the next week for us to wrap up with colors like blue, gray, purple, and orange.  You will be able to find meaning in these colors, and how to coordinate them into your wardrobe as well.

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