How Does a Fascinator Stay On?

As fascinators become more popular with the younger generations, more people are wondering, "How do they stay on?"  These hats are becoming more dramatic, getting taller and out of balance, leaving non-wearers wondering how they stay put.

A headband is a common way to attach a fascinator to one's head.  The milliner might choose to make it part of the design, or to use a narrow headband that is difficult to see.

An elastic is another way to attach a fascinator.  The most acceptable way to wear an elastic is for it to match your hair.  This gives the appearance that there is nothing keeping the fascinator on to others.

A comb is a traditional manner to keep this headpiece on.  A wide comb at the front is used as an anchor, while smaller combs or pins may be added for extra support.

There is no right or wrong way to attach a fascinator to your head.  It is a matter of preference and comfort.  When ordering your hat, be sure to mention your preference to your milliner.
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