Hat Care Tips

Caring for your hat is crucial.  Not only will the care keep it clean, but it will improve the lifespan of your hat.

To remove dirt, you can take a soft brush and very gently brush your hat in modest counter clockwise circles.  This will help to loosen and remove the dirt.  Do not use a medium or hard brush.  These can do damage to your hat.  If your hat is light in color, use a light colored brush.  If the hat is dark in color, use a dark colored brush.  This is in case some of the hairs from the brush get stuck to your hat.

To dust the hat, gently pat down with a mildly damp cloth.  Be careful that the cloth will not transfer any cotton or other materials to the hat that will be hard to remove.

For any stain, a spot and stain eraser designed for hats can be used.  Again, gently rub the eraser to the stain or spot.  Be sure to test in a inconspicuous spot first.  When finished with the eraser, you can brush away any remaining bits of eraser with the brush.

By gently and regularly caring for your hat, you are helping it to last longer.  Always feel free to ask your milliner about hat care prior to cleaning.

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