Hairstyle for your Hat

Hairstyle for your Hat

You have the perfect outfit.  Just the right sundress to wear with your wide-brimmed hat to that function on Sunday.  The new fascinator to wear out with the girls on Saturday.  It's important for your attire to match, but do you have the right hairstyle to match your hat?

Cloche:  Wear your hair with relaxed curls for a soft feel.  You can also tuck your hair under to give it a Flapper appearance.

Fascinator:  A bun can be worn with a fascinator.  This is an easy style for most women to accomplish.  However, you can put a twist to your bun.  It can be tight, loose with curls, or you can add braids to it.  Hair can also be worn loose.  Loose hair is just as beautiful as an updo.

Pill Box:  A french twist is an elegant way to wear this hat.  Wearing your hair down with waves would give an old Hollywood feel to your outfit.  Tight buns also give a classic appearance.

At the end, it really doesn't matter what style you should wear with your hat.  Hats are accessories to be worn to adorn your outfit.  These items are meant to complement your personality and style.

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