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Welcome to my Millinery Studio
Sometimes dreams do come true !!!
The thought of being a Milliner began as a germ of a thought ... and now, after two and a half years of research, gathering materials, trial and error, practical application, graduating from simple fascinators to blocked felt hats; in all shapes and sizes, building a millinery studio, learning how to create a business and now, BLOGGING.
My first year was spent on research and acquiring vintage items and supplies ... I became the EBay Queen. Pretty soon I learned there was no end to acquiring goods. You may have velvet ribbon ... but do you have velvet ribbon in every color and in every size (width)? The same applies for grosgrain ribbon. I became aware, in a short time, that not any grosgrain ribbon will do ... it has to be Petersham grosgrain ribbon. I'll blog about that at another time ...
My second year was spent acquiring additional  materials while still making hats full time. I learned a great deal by buying vintage hats in "lots" ... and ripping them apart.  During this process I was able to combine my talent as an artist with my knack for sewing to expand my passion for making hats, producing individual works of art in each piece. The past six months have been spent in full speed ... balancing the fun part of making hats with the not so fun part of making it a business ... and designing a studio to call home to my dreams.
Although the business aspect of this process is not my favorite because I am a creative being, I am elated to be starting this blog and sharing my journey with you. I am a visionary, I love making hats!!!   Along this journey I look forward to helping others realize their love for hats and explore the new looks and attitude the right hat can bring!  It all starts with taking the first step and having the confidence to learn more and being open to making a new friend along the way.
To all my new friends , I would like to introduce myself.  I am June Gumbel an Artist and a Milliner.  Welcome to Geaux Chapeaux Millinery, I hope my passion for hats will lead to a new, refreshingly fun chapter in your life.  Enough reading... explore my custom works of art and let me know your thoughts.
Here's a glimpse of the Southwest wing of my studio.
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Congratulations June ! I’m so excited to see your beautiful designs

Rhonda Gumbel-Thomas

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