June Gumbel hosts a Geaux Chapeaux Millinery Hat Design Party

Today was a scheduled Hat Party.  I’ve certainly had clients over before to look at and to create hats, but today was a more organized event.

First came Nadine and Eva… Nadine had a gift certificate from Christmas that she wanted to redeem … she had been by before to discuss her wishes.

I had her sinamay wide brimmed hat ready to embellish … Nadine’s joy is going through my inventory to create her dream hat.  She loves the feather, the trims and the possibilities. She also found a free form sinamay in pale green with ivory trim and sinamay floral.  She wanted to tweak the shape a bit so I gave them a lesson on steaming sinamay.  They were so amazed at flexibility of the straw to the steam!  She ended up wanting the hat and will be by next week to pick it up.

Then came Karen and Michele … Karen loves black!  We decided on a black knotted straw capelins. She had so much fun selecting the feathers.  Peacock are her favorites.  I taught her how to curl the peacock swords and she has on cloud nine. Now, she has had a hand in creating her own creation.  She has her eye on some brown sinamay for a future date and some bleached peacock feathers to adore it.

Michele was the most open to creativity.  We decided on a red sinamay pill box that I had begun to embellish with ivory crinoline with satin edging.  I had just placed some ivory rooster feathers on it and she was in love. She wanted height. I added some vintage red veiling and she was over the moon!  She will pick up her creation next week.

This rainy day turned into a very fun, creative and profitable day for me.  

My clients are happy and have learned a thing or two about millinery; does it get any better?
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