Embellishments: Part Three

Aug 24, 2018 0

Photo: Petershams Millinery Supplies

For the last and final week of the embellishment blog series, we will discuss millinery feathers.  Feathers are extremely popular, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

While we may not reach all of the types of feathers, we will mention a few.  There are arrowheads at the end of the quill (shown above).  A feather mounting made of the goose's biot and hackle feathers is quite nice too.  It looks like a small poof of feathers.  One of our favorites is the long coque feather.  This is a floaty feather that can be used to make different designs.

Just like the flowers, feathers are dyed to create a large variety of color.  They can range from ivory, turquoise, hot pink, mint, coral and many more colors.

Again, the purpose of the embellishment is to have fun!  Love your choices and let them reflect your style and personality. 

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